Recruiting a strong team.

Some people may think I’m bonkers doing this. It won’t be the first time people have thought I’m bonkers, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

I can take the fact that I may have to turn around on Wednesday and say ‘Wahey, Everythings ok’ If I do, I will apologise for putting everyone through such worry. However if I have to turn around on Wednesday and say ‘I’m screwed’ (You see I would say ‘I’m fucked’ there, but I got a telling off today from my son for swearing. Monkey see – Monkey do) I will know that I am on well on my way to creating a very good strong team around me. I’m not very good at asking for help, but I’ve swallowed my pride for this and gone all out for it.

I am very lucky to have some medically trained people on my ‘team’ They are either friends of mine, or related/married to medics or in some cases both. They have ‘managed my expectations’ tonight. I know there are other things this could turn out to be, but as my appointment is with Oncology, rather than the GUM clinic (are they still called that) I don’t think I can walk too far down that much more preferable road. Gonorrhea being, in my mind, a better deal than Cancer. Not a sentence I ever thought I’d have to type that’s for sure!!

I know that supporting someone through illness is tough. If you are joining in for the ride please look after yourselves and each other.

This link is fantastic.

Lets really hope you don’t need it. x





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