It’s all about me!

I am 42. I am a Mum, a Daughter, a Sister, an Aunt and a Friend.

I am also an enemy to some but no-ones perfect.

I am shitting my pants.

I have a very dark sense of humour.

I want everyone to stop here and go and google ‘cervical cancer symptoms’ just so I don’t have to waste the effort of having to explain them. Just for the record I’m a teacher too…a good one but a fairly lazy one… if I can get you to do the work instead of me, I will.

My doctor has told me she is very ‘concerned’ and ‘unhappy’ with the look of my cervix. I told her I was fucking furious with my cervix. She has told me this twice now. Once 2 days ago face to face and once today on the phone. I’m glad she rang as I was actually beginning to think I had made it all up. I have a consultant appointment next week to find out if I have cancer. I promised my doctor I wouldn’t sue her if she made a mistake but she still wouldn’t tell me one way or the other. Good job I like her………




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